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Q.Is my phone compatible with the trackers?

Q.What are the dimensions of the trackers?

Q.Are they waterproof?

Q. How do I activate my tracker?

Q. How do I track the devices?

Q.Where do I download the apps?

Q.What is the tracking range?

Q.How accurate is the GPS?

Q.Do they work inside a building?

Q.What is AGPS?

Q. What is a ‘standby mode’?

Q.Can I use the device abroad?

Q.Is there a monthly service charge?

Q.Are there any long-term contracts?

Q.Can I use my own SIM card and cellular carrier?

Q.What’s included in the free simcard?

Q.Do the devices work internationally?

Q.What simcard do I need to use the trackers abroad?

Q.Will I get alerts on my phone?

Q.What forms of payment do you accept?

Q.What are the shipping methods?

Q.What is the expected delivery time?

Q.How can I track my orders?

Q.Can I return the tracker?

Q.Is there a warranty?

Q.Do you accept bulk orders?

We are happy to supply the devices at a discounted rate on larger orders..

if you would like to order over 50 units, please fill out the contact us form or email us at ********@sparkdynamix.com and let us know how many units you want and we’ll get back to you within 2 business day.